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What's New at STU?

This is the hub for all of the latest stories, news, and other happenings at Stuart Hall. Click on the article titles below to start reading! 

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Collaboration at STU

What does it mean to be a good collaborator? For some, it may imply teamwork on a project or goal. For others, it may refer to cooperation on a problem or issue. One of our six Grad Goals, collaboration at STU means respect, kindness, care, and responsibility in school and everyday life. Read the article below to discover exactly where collaboration can be found in our school: 

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Conversation with Cristina Casado

A few weeks back, we had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with alumna Cristina Casado to discuss her time and experiences with Stuart Hall. Read the article below to discover her story with STU and exactly why she decided to stay so close.

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The Numbers That Count

It is no secret that boarding schools are typically smaller than their public counterparts. But does that mean that the overall numbers directly relate to overall quality? Read the article below to discover why Stuart Hall's size is actually one of our greatest strengths:

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Science Classroom

The Stuart Hall School Mission Scholars program is a selective, mission based scholarship opportunity that recognizes outstanding students applying for grade 9 and 10.  Mission scholars expound a potential for making a significant contribution while attending Stuart Hall and later in life. 

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