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It goes without saying that the life of Stuart Hall School – its very reason for being – lies in its people.  Whether you are a parent who decided to educate your children at Stuart Hall or an alumnus who benefitted from your experience here, you know that teachers and classmates shape the days, the years, the future. At Stuart Hall, our dual goals are to attract and retain the highest quality teachers and to provide an equally high caliber education to a diverse range of students. Great teachers and great students make for great communities and great societies.


At Stuart Hall we value our teachers first and foremost, because we are only as good as the people we entrust with inspiring, guiding, and supporting our students. Valuing our teachers means compensating them accordingly and our goal is to provide competitive salaries and benefits. After all, what more important job is there than shaping the minds and hearts of children?

Contributions for faculty support can be made in several ways.  Check off the “faculty support” option when you make your Annual Fund gift.  Consider a donation to underwrite professional training. Include Stuart Hall in your estate plans and create an endowed chair. Help us make Stuart Hall the place every teacher wants to be.


In the school of life we are all students, but how we fare collectively depends in large part on the formal education we provide our children. Stuart Hall takes this task to heart and we endeavor to positively influence girls and boys across the spectrum. Call us the idealists that we are, but we believe that everyone should be given a chance. Providing scholarship and financial aid opens our doors to families who all share the common goal of doing the best for their children.

Stuart Hall School is richer for the diverse student population we serve and you can help us do that.  Check off “scholarships” when you make your Annual Fund gift. Consider a donation to underwrite activities that enhance the boarding experience. Include Stuart Hall in your estate plans and create an endowed scholarship fund. There is no greater investment than that we make in the next generation.


Stuart Hall Voices

"Stuart Hall is a really diverse, but inclusive place where you can explore your passions and make friends quickly and easily." 

—Kate '21