Visual Arts at Stuart Hall School 

Stuart Hall has a vibrant visual arts program that encompasses all three divisions. The program is supported by and structured around the national Standards in the Visual Arts curriculum and the 21 Century competencies. All students are exposed to a foundation of values in the visual arts; however, students with a strong interest and high potential are afforded opportunities to pursue studies at advanced levels.

Lower School

The goal of the Visual Arts program at the Lower School division is to instill a love and knowledge of artistic expression as well as discover the natural joy of art. Beginning in PreK, students use a variety of mediums: drawing, painting, printmaking, craft, fiber arts, ceramics and more, and explore a variety of subjects and symbols. Throughout the program students develop an understanding of the role of art in history and culture. Art classes are offered every week.

Stuart Hall Middle School Arts

Middle School

The Middle School Visual Arts program builds a foundation of basic art skills and knowledge. Students are encouraged to improve their visual awareness by learning to look at and record what is experienced. The Middle School art program recognizes the significance of art history and the need to develop an appreciation for the work of artists from the past and present. Both two and three-dimensional media and techniques are explored, including drawing, painting, clay work, collage and sculpture. Art classes are part of the curriculum for all three years of Middle School.

Stuart Hall Upper School Arts

Upper School

In the Upper School Studio Art classes, creativity thrives because students feel comfortable to truly express themselves. In photography, a student not only learns to take a great photograph, but also how to make a great photograph with the use of Photoshop. In the Arts Foundations, Painting, and Drawing classes, young artists are encouraged to be self-motivated and have personal ownership of their artistic growth. In AP Studio Art (an advanced college credit class), the goal is to instill that in any creative art production, it is about the process, the journey, and the creative experience. One credit in art is required for graduation. When a STU art student becomes truly inspired, it allows for expanding the imagination. This in turn creates personal, innovative thinking. It is this mindful, creative imagination and the self confidence to use that gift that will create the future beauty of the world.

AP Studio Art Program

The AP program is a full year course and intended for highly motivated students who are seriously interested in the study of the visual arts. Any student who has completed the undergraduate art requirements may take the AP Studio Art course. The AP Studio Art course is worth college credits if the final exam submission receives a passing score. In AP, students will interpret and challenge perceptions of self by making meaningful connections, developing a personal voice, and synthesizing and resolving ideas to create an independent, cohesive piece of work.


Student Gallery

To learn more about Stuart Hall's Visual Arts program and see examples of student work, visit the STU Art Department's Weebly site by clicking here


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Stuart Hall Voices

"Stuart Hall is a really diverse, but inclusive place where you can explore your passions and make friends quickly and easily." 

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