Stuart Hall School Traditions

Schoo Traditions

School traditions, many of which date back to the beginning years of the School, involve students in the life of Stuart Hall School community. Included in these traditions are academic and athletic competitions, seasonal celebrations, and class activities. 

Red/White Competition

Since the 19th century, the Stuart Hall School community has been divided into two teams - Red or White. Throughout the year, friendly competitions are held, culminating with Red & White Field Day. The team with the highest score is awarded a trophy and bragging rights. New students attend a special ceremony at the beginning of the year to "draw" their colors. "Legacy" students can choose to accept the color of their parent or sibling, or participate in the drawing.The captains of the Red and White teams are seniors who are given the leadership responsibility of galvanizing the teams to a worthy effort in the competitions. 

Honor Code Signing

At the beginning of school and as needed during the year, a chapel ceremony is held in which students in grades 4-12 sign the Honor Code, demonstrating an understanding of the Honor Code at Stuart Hall School, and a willingness to abide by its principles.

Ring Ceremony

Ring Ceremony is held each year in the fall when seniors are presented with the School ring, a black onyx engraved with “SH.” The style of the ring is fashioned after that of the Bishop, and has been used since the 1920s. The ring is worn with the SH facing toward the student until after graduation, when it is turned with SH turned outward. It is traditional for the seniors to have their class rings turned by friends and families corresponding to the number of their class year. Members of the Class of 2019 may choose to have their rings turned 19 or 119 times. The last turn is reserved for a special person, who turns the ring towards the senior’s heart.

Senior Steps

The front steps of Old Main are reserved for the use of the Senior Class, faculty and staff, and visitors.  Seniors or faculty/staff may invite underclass students to accompany them on the Senior Steps.

Fifth Grade Commencement

Since the beginning of our current Lower School in 1987, the fifth graders have participated in a formal commencement exercise during which each fifth grader gives a prepared speech. As leaders in the Lower School, the fifth graders have responsibilities that are carried out throughout the year such as helping with carpool, raising and lowering the flag each day, and leading assemblies.

Stuart Hall School Traditions

Loving Cup Ceremony/Ushers

Each senior selects an usher and a sub-usher, who are Stuart Hall School students or alumnae/i in good standing, to participate in these ceremonies. Sub-ushers toast the seniors in the Loving Cup ceremony the night before graduation. Ushers form an arch with garlanded shepherds’ crooks under which the seniors process during the Graduation service.

Stuart Hall Voices

"Stuart Hall is a really diverse, but inclusive place where you can explore your passions and make friends quickly and easily." 

—Kate '21