The Stuart Hall Graduate

Stuart Hall Graduate
What are Stuart Hall goals for our graduates?

The Stuart Hall curriculum is designed to provide an intellectual, physical, and ethical journey for students in grades PreK-12. To prepare students for their next level of academic and personal success, the School has identified a list of competencies that each Stuart Hall School graduate should have, so they are prepared for success not just in college, but also in life.

Each Stuart Hall graduate will be a/an:

  • Critical Thinker
  • Creative Innovator
  • Effective Communicator
  • Global Citizen
  • Honorable & Ethical
  • Effective collaborator

Critical Thinker

Critical Thinker


What do I want to know?


What are my ultimate goals and what is my course of action?


How do I interpret, analyze, and evaluate information to formulate an answer to my questions?

Reflect and Adapt

What have I learned from my work and how do I use what I’ve learned?


Creative Innovator

Creative Innovator

Foster Curiosity

How do I learn more about what I already know?


How can I use what I know in a new or different way?


What original ideas do I have?




Effective Communicator

Effective Communicator

Deliver Information

How do I effectively articulate my thoughts and ideas?

Receive Information

How do I understand the meaning and intention of others?

Demonstrate Information, Communication, and Technology Literacy

How do I ethically and legally access, evaluate, apply, and manage the information available through technology?

Demonstrate Media Literacy

How do I effectively use the most appropriate media tools?

Global Citizen

Global Citizen

Demonstrate Civic Responsibility

How do I actively participate at the local and global levels?

Develop A World View

How am I using my skills to understand global issues?


How do I learn from and interact with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds?




Honorable & Ethical

Honorable & Ethical

Demonstrate Integrity

What choices do I make when no one is looking?

Accept Responsibility

How do the choices I make affect my life and the lives of others?

Take Initiative

What skills do I use to begin or continue the learning process on my own?

Be Resilient

How do I work through frustration, adversity, or failure to continue toward my goal?


Effective Collaborator

Effective Collaborator

Demonstrate Leadership

How do I positively influence group members?

Show Respect

How do I embrace diverse perspectives?

Assume Accountability

How do I assume shared responsibility within a group?

Maintain Flexibility

How do I know when to lead and when to follow in order to reach a common goal?

Stuart Hall Voices

"The thing I love most about Stuart Hall is the sense of family." 

—Mariah '16