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Day Student Life

Five boys playing music at school

It’s fair to say that at Stuart Hall our day students are just boarding students who don’t sleep on campus.In every other way, day students are fully integrated members of our school community. They benefit from virtually every aspect of boarding school - taking part in co-curricular and extra-curricular programs on campus, joining in our many Student Life learning opportunities, attending evening study hall if they choose, and taking advantage of our many evening and weekend activities. They may eat meals on campus as well at an extra cost and may be hosted on dorm with friends on occasion as well.

In turn, our day students and their families give so much back to the boarding students and the school—supporting events, cheering at games and performances, and opening their hearts and homes to our boarding families. This mutual support and inclusive mindset eliminates any artificial divisions between boarding and day students and is an important part of Stuart Hall’s strong sense of community.