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Clubs and Activities

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At Stuart Hall, clubs and activities serve as an intentional extension of the School's mission, vision, and graduate goals, extending the Stuart Hall experience far beyond the traditional school day.

Students are encouraged to establish clubs to pursue their own interests and build connections in the community. These clubs are a manifestation of the School's mission, as it is students' desire to contribute to campus life that leads to their creation and sustains their activities. These clubs are also a reflection of the School's approach to leadership development, which is rooted in the belief that when one sees an unmet need, it is your responsibility to your community to meet that need. As students identify needs, recruit others to join them in addressing those needs, and develop the organization and communication skills necessary to sustain a club, they are developing the very leadership skills that they will use throughout their lives.

Recent Clubs and Activities Include:

Students playing esports

Black Student Union
Fermata the Blue (all-female a capella)
Hang Time (all-male a capella)
International Thespian Society
Lunar New Year celebration
Mock Trial
National Honor Society
Sustainability Club
Tri-M Music Honor Society