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Boarding Student Life

Residential Life at Stuart Hall School - A 24/7 Family

Neither teaching nor learning cease with the end of classes each day; they merely take on more subtle forms.

Ask a recent graduate about being a boarding student and they’ll immediately start telling you about the unplanned moments of their lives. These moments - whether it’s sharing a pizza late on a Saturday night, lingering after dinner to finish a conversation, or decorating a friend’s room for her birthday - are when relationships are strengthened, memories are made, and we learn as much about ourselves as we do about those we’re with. The residential life program at Stuart Hall is designed to foster these moments, because we believe that the unplanned moments are the best part of boarding school.

The foundation of Residential Life at Stuart Hall is the belief of everyone - faculty and students alike - in the value of living in a community of learners. Dorm parents look out for their students as if they were their own children, choosing to work with each student as an individual rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach. By doing so, students can feel safe as they explore who they are and who they might become.This is not to say that the Residential Life program is not without structure, though. Students have a proctored, two-hour study hall every evening, during which dorm parents visit with students, help with homework, or become the sympathetic ear students sometimes need. Knowing the value of sleep, students have a required lights out time each night, too. With room cleanliness checks, lessons on doing laundry, and regular meetings to discuss how things are going, dorm parents are always working toward that goal of building community, and the structure they create is what allows the unplanned moments to emerge.


Our Residence Life Program at Stuart Hall School takes the college-preparatory experience one step further by introducing students to campus living. Our students enjoy the freedom of living in a safe, small town where local coffee shops, restaurants, stores, farmers' markets, and other points of interest are just blocks away from our historic campus.

In-town boarding provides a venue like no other to learn valuable skills of personal initiative, community living, and respect for local culture. While always maintaining the utmost standards for student safety and care, we encourage our boarders to both experience life beyond our campus boundaries and take part in the life of the School.

Find out why Staunton, Virginia is rated one of the top ten small towns in America by the Smithsonian!  See the Staunton Visitor's Guide Here.

living on dorm 

Most students live in double rooms with a roommate. The dormitories are divided into halls, with each hall housing 6-14 students who share a bathroom and a common room. There are laundry facilities in each dormitory that are free for students to use.
Living on a historic campus, each dorm building and room is full of unique character and charm. The rooms are furnished with beds, many of which can be bunked, desks, dressers, and closets. Students are encouraged to decorate their rooms to create a comfortable home away from home.
As students progress through grade levels, they earn dorm privileges that include single rooms for seniors, later lights-out times, choice of activity during study hall, and downtown lunch opportunities.
Dorm parents live in apartments attached to every hall and are available to students any time, whether it’s because they woke up sick at 2 a.m., because they want to share a good grade on a test, or anything in between.

Dorm Parents and On-Campus Administrators 

Dorm Parents form the backbone of the residential life experience. They live on the halls with students and serve as resources and mentors who ensure students are safe, known, and cared for throughout the year.

Meet Our Dorm Parents
We're delighted to introduce you to these faculty members who care for your children in their home away from home.



  • Average class size: <15
  • Student-teacher ratio of 10:1
  • 100% college acceptance 
  • Average collective merit scholarships earned by seniors: $3.8 million
  • Student representation from five continents
  • Day student and 5 or 7 day boarding options