Athletics and Co-Curriculars

Learning at Stuart Hall goes far beyond the class day. Our mission-driven athletics and co-curricular programs create opportunities for students to explore their passions or find new ones while continuing their pursuit of mastery. Many of our co-curricular offerings include opportunities to collaborate with others and to perform or compete.

Students learning how to fence.


Our athletics program offers both interscholastic and intramural teams that allow students to compete at a level that’s comfortable for them. In addition to mastering sport-specific skills, students deepen their understanding of collaboration, communication, and well-being through participation in athletics. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are not holding any athletic competitions in 2020-2021, and we are using this pause to evaluate our future offerings. below is a sample of the intramural and interscholastic sports we have offered in the last few years.


One of our signature programs is our Esports team. Founded in 2019, Stuart Hall's Esports team competes against school teams from around the country in League of Legends and Rocket League, and both teams were very successful in their inaugural seasons. In line with our Well-being STU Grad Goal, the team includes mindfulness work as part of its practice routine. Players also build connections to the community by getting involved with Greater Good Gaming, a local organization committed to using students' passion for gaming to create positive impacts in the community.

Co-curricular programs

A student doing comitatus.

Like our athletic teams, our co-curricular programs offer students the opportunity to master specific skills, collaborate with others, enter competitions, and pursue passions while deepening understanding of the connections between our activities and our well-being. 

Our co-curricular offerings are diverse, but they are all motivated by the call of our mission to live lives of curiosity, creativity, and contribution. As with our athletic teams, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to pause many of our co-curricular programs, and we are using this pause to evaluate our future offerings. Below is a sample of the co-curricular programs we have offered in the last few years.