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Co-Curricular Offerings

Learning at Stuart Hall goes far beyond the class day. Our mission-driven athletics and co-curricular programs create opportunities for students to explore their passions or find new ones. Each of three seasons, students have a choice of participating in an interscholastic sport or a variety of intramural, art, theatre, music, and outdoor educational offerings. Many of our co-curricular offerings include opportunities to collaborate, compete, or perform with classmates or community members.


One of our signature programs is our Esports team. Founded in 2019, Stuart Hall's Esports team competes against school teams from around the country in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In line with our Well-Being STU Grad Goal, the team includes mindfulness work as part of its practice routine. Our downtown building, The Eastham Center, features an Esports arena specially designed to support spectators while the team competes with other teams around the country.

Moot Court

Since 2017, Stuart Hall has offered academic competition and debate through our Moot Court team.  Moot Court is an interscholastic competition simulating argument before the United States Supreme Court. Students act as attorneys in cases involving freedom of speech, privacy and search, intellectual property, and other real-world legal issues.  After reading real Supreme Court decisions and applying existing law to a unique set of facts, students present their arguments, answer questions from judges, and respond to the opposing side in a lively and fast-paced debate round.

Students compete in the National Association of Moot Court, a series of high school tournaments hosted by undergraduate Moot Court teams at top universities.  Stuart Hall students won the tournament championship at Duke University in 2022.  

Co-curricular programs

A student doing comitatus.

Our co-curricular programs offer students the opportunity to master specific skills, collaborate with others, enter competitions, and pursue passions while deepening understanding of the connections between activities and well-being.

For students in grades 8-12, the year is divided into three sessions. Students select from a range of creative and/or collaborative activities that contribute to their own enjoyment and growth, to the good of the school community, or the good of the greater community or world. For 2023-24, day students are required to spend at least two afternoons a week in a co-curricular activity, while boarding students are required to participate in at least three. Everyone is welcome to participate all five days (and weekends when appropriate.)

Students in grades 6 and 7 have a variety of shorter-term after-school clubs and activities that change throughout the year, and may involve working with older students as leaders or collaborators.

Co-curricular offerings for all age groups are diverse, but they are all motivated by our mission to prepare students to live lives of curiosity, creativity, and contribution.

Although specific offerings vary each year based on faculty and student interest, they may include: