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Advisory Program

A teacher is helping a student tie his bowtie

The advisory program at Stuart Hall is the most outward manifestation of the School’s commitment to ensuring every student is happy, safe, known, and loved. Every student in grades 6-12 is assigned an advisor, a faculty member who serves as the primary point of contact for each advisee, both for parents and for other faculty members. Advisors work to have the big-picture perspective on each advisee’s life and to help each advisee explore their interests, go beyond their comfort zone, and make the most of their time at Stuart Hall.

Advisors see their full advisee groups two to three times a week for a planned advisory session, which typically includes a lesson or activity designed to support students in their pursuit of the STU Grad Goals. Each advisory has 8 to 12 students in it, and (with the exception of the self-contained sixth-grade program) is structured in developmentally appropriate age groups, instead of by grade level. This overlap of grades provides students with unique opportunities to know students from different grades in a mutually supportive and encouraging environment.

In addition, advisors make it a point to connect with each advisee outside of formal group gatherings, meeting them where they are socially, emotionally, and academically so they can best serve each student's individual needs.