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6th Grade Newsletter

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Below is the complete archive of our 6th grade newsletters written and published by our 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Jennifer Bartley. Scroll through the various issues to learn more about grade-specific news, past and upcoming events, and general information! (Sorted newest to oldest)

May 2023 Newsletter

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Meet Our 6th Grade Teacher: Mrs. Jennifer Bartley!

Picture of Jennifer Bartley, teacher.

I'm passionate about creating a warm, nurturing learning environment with a focus on a growth mindset. When students feel comfortable, I find that they are more likely to take risks and receive feedback for improvement. In addition to projects and real-world connections in the classroom, I value any opportunity I can find to promote community engagement and experiential learning for my students.

What Does Our 6th Grade Have To Offer?

Stuart Hall 6th graders continue to have one classroom and teacher for the core subjects - a learning experience shown to be the most beneficial for this age group. Additionally, art, music, PE, and Spanish are each offered two to three times a week to challenge our students to stretch their creative and physical muscles, while providing low-stress practice at transitioning to other teachers and classrooms during the school day. 

Upcoming Events:

Stay tuned for upcoming events!