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Student Life

Upper School Boys in Arcade

The Student Life program at Stuart Hall is designed as a progressive set of experiences to help students pursue existing passions and explore new interests, all while building the relationships and having the experiences that will shape who they become.

At Stuart Hall, school happens far beyond the boundaries of what people usually think of when you say “school,” and this is certainly true for Student Life. Learning happens far beyond the academic day. Leadership development goes beyond the traditional senior roles to include students of any grade level who are ready to lead. Lifelong friendships are formed beyond the traditional divisions of grade, class, or boarding/day. And experiences happen beyond students’ usual interests as they try something new in our co-curricular programming. 

While we go beyond the traditional school experience, we always keep our core values at the center. In our classrooms, in our advisory program, in our dormitories, and in everything we do, we strive to make sure every student feels happy, safe, known, and loved. Stuart Hall has long been known as the school where a person is accepted for who they are, welcomed into the community, and invited to live, learn, and grow with others who may have different interests but all share these values.