Starting the College Admissions Process Early

8th and 9th Grade

At Stuart Hall School, we believe in starting the college process as early as possible. Information is critical for students to make good decisions about college. That’s why college preparation at Stuart Hall begins in the 8th grade with information on transcript building for college and an introduction to the Naviance curriculum. We hold class meetings for freshmen on such topics as time management, the importance of AP and honors classes and choosing courses carefully, and we compile an activity and honors resume for each student that they can update as needed. In addition, students in the ninth grade start taking the PSAT, which they will continue taking through eleventh grade. By encouraging students to explore their college options early in their academic careers, we hope to minimize the stress they experience senior year.

10th and 11th Grade

During tenth grade and eleventh grade, students participate in one-on-one sessions in the College Counseling office to discuss such issues as building a resume, researching colleges, and making the most of a college tour. Test preparation is paramount to these discussions, especially as students take either the SAT or the ACT exam at least once during the spring of their junior year. We offer assistance in finding the right test-prep program for each student and encourage families to engage in as much preparation as possible.

12th Grade

Students begin their last year at Stuart Hall with the annual Senior Retreat, which includes essay brainstorming and mock admissions interviews. For the rest of their senior year, students will meet frequently with the college counselor as they complete their admissions and financial aid applications, write their essays, and practice for alumni interviews. As you would expect, the college counselor is always available to provide a sounding board when they make their ultimate decision.

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