Our On-Campus Faculty

Sharon Arne, Academic Dean, lives on campus in Gibbs House. She oversees the articulation of Stuart Hall's PreK-12 curriculum and is responsible for observing, supervising, and evaluating the faculty in the development and implementation of curriculum. A native Virginian, Ms. Arne is a graduate of James Madison University (bachelor's degree in middle school education: math/science specialization) and Western Governor’s University (master's degree in education: management and innovation). 

Ray Beatty and Sarah Harms are dorm parents for Stuart and Scott Halls. Married in 2015, they are both from Williamsburg and are both Physical Education teachers and coaches for Stuart Hall. Ray teaches PE at the Lower School and Sarah teaches middle and upper school students. They welcomed their son Walker to the Stuart Hall family in 2018. 

Ann Clavin is a dorm parent for Watkins Hall. Ann has more than a decade of experience teaching middle and upper school students in the United States and abroad in China and Kosova. She holds a master's degree in education from Kent State University.

Mark Eastham, Head of School, also lives on campus with his family. The Easthams are an active part of on-campus life at Stuart Hall, and often have students, faculty, and parents into their home for social gatherings. His daughter Katherine graduated from Stuart Hall in 2011 and his daughter Caroline graduated in 2017.

Pete and Meg Echols are dorm parents in the boys' dorm, Robertson House. Pete has been our Middle and Upper School Music Teacher since 2015. His wife Meg teaches high school English. "We love getting to know students in a setting other than in the classroom. We enjoy being a part of a fantastic community that extends much beyond the confines of the school day!"

Connor Gwin ("Chaplain Connor") and his wife Emma and baby daughter Harper Jane live on campus in Institute House. In addition to running our chapel programs at both the Staunton and Verona campuses and teaching religion to the Senior Class, he helps facilitate community building within the boarding program, and directs community wholeness initiatives in the area of health and wellness. Before joining Stuart Hall he was responsible for coordinating the youth, young adult, and college campus ministry programs for the Episcopal Diocese of Southwestern Virginia. He holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy and religion and a master's degree in divinity from the Virginia Theological Seminary. When asked why he and Emma like being a part of the residence life program at STU, Chaplain Connor says, "We love being part of a community that is not just operational during school hours. In a community like this, you get to know the whole student because you see them outside of the classroom and off the sports field. You get to know the unique story of each student and how that story fits into the larger story of Stuart Hall."

Dave Knop is a dorm parent for Cochran House. Dave is a video producer and editor and recently moved to the Shenandoah Valley. He says that one of his main interests is “helping to inspire students to do the things that inspire them.” Dave holds an associate's degree in video/film production from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

Jason and Jihye Lovelace are dorm parents for High Holborn. Jason is currently working on his doctoral degree in biblical studies and holds a master's degree in ministry from Newburgh Theological Seminary and a bachelor's degree in history, Spanish, and modern languages from MidAmerica Nazarene University. Jihye is a piano accompanist in the Music Department at Mary Baldwin University.

Hunter and Kelsey Murray are dorm parents in Robertson House. Hunter joined us in 2018 as an Upper School Science Teacher. Before joining the STU faculty, he taught anatomy and physiology, as well as ecology and AP biology, at Jackson Academy in Jackson, MS. He has a passion for the outdoor world and is an avid environmentalist. Hunter holds a bachelor's degree in secondary education from the University of Mississippi. Kelsey is a special education teacher,

Maria Ortiz '14 is the Residence Life Coordinator for Stuart Hall and dorm parent for Old Virginia. Maria is a graduate of Shenandoah University where she was an active leader in the residence life program and taught dance courses at the conservatory. In addition to dance, Maria enjoys travel, having visited multiple countries throughout Europe. Maria says this about residence life at Stuart Hall, "The best part of working in residence life is being able to see every side of students, not just what they want to show their teacher in the classroom or their coach on the field. And being able to do that at Stuart Hall with a wonderful team and a welcoming community is just great. It honestly feels like I never left!"

Daniel Snyder, our Upper School Science Teacher, lives on campus in an apartment that is is part of Gibbs House. Daniel grew up in Churchville, VA and returned to the Valley in 2018 after spending many years teaching chemistry, biology, and earth science in Montana in both a boarding and a day school setting, He loves the outdoors, is an avid rock climber, and has spent numerous summers as a wildlife guide in Yellowstone National Park. He enjoys sharing his passion for the outdoors with our boarders. Daniel holds a Master of Teaching from the University of Virginia and a Bachelor of Science from Virginia Tech.  

Adam and Christy Swartz '03 live on campus with their children on the ground level of Cochran House. Christy is originally from Staunton, Virginia, and graduated from Stuart Hall School in 2003. She continued her education at Shenandoah University where she minored in dance and majored in biology. Christy loves being a dorm parent because she gets the unique opportunity to be part of so many of our students' lives. Christy says, “It is a rewarding experience to be able to support our students through their ups and downs and to see them succeed in their endeavors.” Adam is also originally from the Shenandoah Valley. His passions include percussion, singing, acting, sports, and exercise of all types. Adam loves being a dorm parent because he gets "the chance to listen to and interact with students on a meaningful level."

Andy Jones-Wilkins is the Director of Community Life for Stuart Hall School and lives directly across the street from campus. He and other School administrators take turns serving as the Administrator on Duty each weekend that school is in session. As the Director of Community Life, Andy oversees the Residence Life program as well as our social and emotional curriculum, study skills curriculum, and enrichment programming for middle and upper school students. Andy has a wealth of experience working with middle and upper school students at independent schools around the country. He and his wife Shelly have three sons: Carson, Logan '18, and Tully '21.


Stuart Hall Voices

"The thing I love most about Stuart Hall is the sense of family." 

—Mariah '16