Nicholas L. - Stuart Hall

When Sophomore Nicky L. was asked about his career aspirations, his answer was "either be a trauma surgeon or an actor." Two obviously quite different career paths, but at Stuart Hall, he is receiving the foundation to excel at both.

Nicky joined the Stuart Hall community five years ago after attending a local public elementary school. Growing up in a small town like Staunton, Nicky said, "Stuart Hall gives me a taste of what the real world is like." The diversity in our student body with young men and women from all over the world is something that Nicky has enjoyed in his years at STU.

Theatre is one of his passions, and he is enrolling in the Fine Arts Emphasis program for the 2015-16 school year. Learn more about the program here. This past October, Nicky and six of his classmates traveled to Norfolk, VA to participate in the Virginia Theatre Association's High School Theatre Festival. Nicky received the all-star cast award!

Nicky is also a huge fan of the sciences and said that "Mr. Adkins' biology class" is one of his favorites. He hopes that enrolling in the Fine Arts Emphasis program will help him decide which path to take once he graduates from Stuart Hall.