Math & Science Emphasis Programs

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Math & Science Emphasis Programs

The goal of the Math and Science Emphasis programs are to develop in students an appreciation for and a depth of knowledge within specific areas pertaining to Mathematics and the sciences. For those students with the interest and aptitude to qualify them to concentrate in mathematics or science, Stuart Hall offers a comprehensive college preparatory diploma with a designated emphasis in Mathematics, Pre-Medical, or Pre-Engineering. These unique programs prepare students for future STEM careers and give them access to advanced subject matter, while instilling critical thinking skills and creativity inherent to any good college preparatory curriculum. 

Mathematics: The Math Emphasis Program at Stuart Hall School is designed to give students a broad and solid foundation in mathematical principles early-on, take accelerated courses as they progress throughout their tenure, and encourage independent research and reasoning as they prepare for college-level math. In addition to mathematics courses, which include AP Statistics, AP Calculus BC and Advanced Mathematics, Math Emphasis students must take related science courses in which they will apply mathematical concepts: AP Physics I-II, AP Chemistry, and others. The culmination of the Math Emphasis Program is a year-long research project concentrating in the student's particular area of interest. 

Pre-Medical: The Pre-Medical Emphasis Program is designed to expose students to the world of medicine through rigorous academics and hands-on opportunities for discovery and learning. With a full core-competency curriculum in Biology, Human Anatomy, and both AP and Organic Chemistry, students will be well prepared for future collegiate experiences in both the classroom and the lab. Moreover, partnerships with local universities, hospitals, and research facilities enrich the student's experience as he or she explores the medical field. Pre-Medical tracks also culminate in a year-long research project at the end of the two-year program.

Pre-Engineering: Pre-Engineering Emphasis students take a variety of courses that will prepare them for challenging courses throughout their academic lives. Required courses include core-competency sciences and math courses, as well as AP Physics I-II, Robotics, and either AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, or AP Computer Science. Correlating AP math classes include AP Calculus BC or AP Statistics. Through a combination of specialized instruction, hands-on laboratory work throughout the program, and enriching experiential learning opportunities, Pre-Engineering students will be well prepared to succeed in their year-long capstone research project, and to pursue collegiate and graduate careers in several key engineering fields.

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