Meet Mariah '16

Member of the Stuart Hall Community Since 2014

Mariah Allen '16 Stuart Hall

Mariah Allen ’16 was one of almost 1,000 students at her large, public high school in Farmington Hills, Michigan.Now a lively, involved member of the senior class, Mariah decided as a sophomore that she might flourish better at boarding school. She received catalogs and information from many different schools, but Stuart Hall was the only one she chose to visit. 

“My mom and I dropped by over the summer, and there weren’t many people on campus,” Mariah recalls.  “The first person we met was [Head of School] Mr. Mark Eastham. Everyone was so friendly, welcoming, and sweet.” Mariah remembers taking a mini-tour of campus, going up on dorm, and the attentiveness and genuine hospitality of every person with whom she and her mother came in contact. Even with no classes to visit, teachers to meet, or students to converse with, Mariah was sold. She applied, was accepted, and unpacked her 
bags at Stuart Hall just a few months later. 

“The thing I love most about Stuart Hall is the sense of family,” Mariah says. “Everyone is close, and everybody knows and cares about how everyone else is doing.”  Her friends at Stuart Hall are a diverse lot. Amongst her group of close chums are a scientist, a photographer, an actress, and a musician. A small student-to-teacher ratio is another vital thing to Mariah. “My teachers are so easy to talk to, and they won’t let you sink. They want you to swim, and they’ll do whatever it takes to help you do that.” And their attention extends far beyond the classroom. “I’m part of the Knitting Club, and our sponsor, English teacher Ms. Ashley Fleming, 
is so funny and supportive.”  

At Stuart Hall, Mariah was able to let her light shine. She auditioned for her first play at the encouragement of a new friend, tried out for and became part of the cheerleading squad, studied hard and was nominated to be a prefect on her dorm hall, Watkins. This fall, her hard work in the classroom and the theatre earned her membership in both the National Honor and International Thespian Societies. Mariah cherishes everything about STU, from the strong academics to hanging out with friends in the Arcade between classes, and being part of a small, inclusive community where everyone is known and cared for. 

“Stuart Hall is pretty much the place where I found myself,” Mariah says. “People here have encouraged me to do things I never would have done if I’d stayed in Michigan, and I so appreciate that.” After she graduates from Stuart Hall in May, Mariah hopes to study anthropology and sociology in college with a goal of serving in the Peace Corps and/or pursuing a career as a government ambassador.