Fine Arts Emphasis Program

Fine Arts Emphasis: Art, Theatre, Music 

The goal of the Fine Arts Program at Stuart Hall is to support the development of all students' knowledge and appreciation of Visual Art, Theatre, and Music. For those students whose interest and commitment qualify them to concentrate in the fine arts, Stuart Hall offers a college preparatory degree with an emphasis in Art, Theatre, or Music. The designation "Visual Art Emphasis," "Theatre Emphasis," or "Music Emphasis" appears on the diploma of the student who successfully completes the program. 

Stuart Hall Art Class

Visual Art Emphasis:

The Visual Art Emphasis Program is a two-year program, offered to juniors and seniors who are passionate about the Arts program. The creative program allows talented students the opportunity to take two Fine Arts classes a day. The Visual Art Emphasis program offers students more time, more materials and more individual instruction.  Students will experience presenting in Art Exhibitions as well as creating a digital visual portfolio for college. The enrollment into the yearlong intense AP Studio Art course is part of the Emphasis program. Graduates of the program receive a “Visual Art Emphasis” designation on their diploma. The Emphasis program will focus on formal visual concerns, technical skills, and conceptual issues. Each student will experience a personal process of discovery, which is dependent on the student’s unique thinking and problem-solving skills. It is hoped that this two - year program will not only help the student to produce an excellent body of artwork for submission to colleges, but additionally it will introduce the student to the richness of the creative process on a personal level, open the door to personal discovery, and allow the student to make meaningful contributions to the greater culture.

Stuart Hall Theatre Emphasis

Theatre Emphasis: Our theatre students follow a set curriculum of at least one course per year and are required to participate in a substantive way in at least two major theatrical productions per year. Courses as part of this program include Introduction to Theatre, Acting Studio, Shakespeare in Performance, and Senior Capstone Experience. Recent Senior Capstone Projects have included writing, acting in, and directing full-length productions, though many students choose to focus their Senior Capstone Projects on one element of production: writing, acting, directing, or theatre tech/stage management. 

Music Emphasis: The Music Emphasis Program requires students to study Music Theory, AP Music Theory and Music History in addition to a focus in instrumental or vocal performance. Music Emphasis students are also required to participate in two additional music-related classes outside their area of study, such as other performing groups or ensembles. As with all our Fine Arts Emphasis programs, Senior Capstone Projects are required of Music Emphasis students, and have included a focus on both performance and composition in recent years. 

Stuart Hall Voices

"Stuart Hall is a really diverse, but inclusive place where you can explore your passions and make friends quickly and easily." 

—Kate '21