The Mark and Kathy Eastham Center


The newest expansion of our campuses, The Mark and Kathy Eastham Center, is located just two blocks from our main campus, across from City Hall in downtown Staunton. Named for our former Headmaster and his wife, this vibrant location houses some of the most advanced collective tech spaces in Virginia independent schools. Included inside is a virtual and augmented reality classroom, audio and video editing stations, a teaching kitchen, community gathering spaces, and an eSports classroom and arena. Our students have the privilege of enjoying some of the finest, most thoughtfully planned, educational technology anywhere! 

Click the image below to view a Virtual Tour of the Eastham Center.

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Designed to house our arts, technology, and new eSports program, the Eastham Center is packed with sophisticated, integrated technology to facilitate a more immersive and intuitive educational experience. The new space allows teachers to expand course offerings adapted to the demands of the new connected workplace. The building is designed with so many “break-out” collaborative spaces with access to the Center’s high performance technology, that lesson plans are no longer hemmed in by physical space limitations. 

One of our new course offerings for 2020-21 is World History of Star Wars, which takes full advantage of the new technology to explore the historical topics underlying the Star Wars universe as well as the global cultural impact of Star Wars itself over its own 40+ year history. Other new or augmented courses that take advantage of the downtown location are Design for Community, Data Science, Computer Science Discoveries, and Entrepreneurship. 

Built into the Eastham Center is an esports arena that empowers players and spectators to make the most of the experience. Not only is there a specially designed viewing area, but all the monitors in the first floor, college-style Student Center can cover the competitions in real time.  





The Eastham Center will be up and running in time for the new school year! Below are pictures of the Center under construction. We expect the pictures above to become reality this summer!



This incredible opportunity to expand our campuses and enrich our programs would not be possible without your support. We appreciate all of your contributions, financial and promotional. Please feel free to share this page and the exciting news about our brand new Downtown Staunton campus with your friends and family. There are naming opportunities and various ways to support this project. If you would like more information, please contact us at (540) 885-0356.



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