"The World Is Our Campus"
Stuart Hall's Remote Learning Program 

Continued Academic Excellence

In the spring of 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic required our faculty and students to move their classes online. Stuart Hall's Remote Learning Plan ensured the continuity of learning and intellectual engagement for our students, whether at home in the Shenandoah Valley, in Arizona, or in quarantine in Kenya or Vietnam. We are committed to maintaining high-quality, personal instruction and learning through the use of digital and online resources. As the pandemic continues, Stuart Hall's instruction will continue to include both synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences. Synchronous learning refers to a learning event in which a group of students is engaged in learning at the same time, such as Zoom lectures and collaborative “breakout rooms.” During asynchronous learning, students are engaging in activities on their own time, such as completing a written assignment or watching a video or screencast. Whether in person or remotely, our teachers are available to meet one-on-one with students, and classmates have multiple opportunities to socialize and collaborate.


Shout out to Stuart Hall School! In under 2 weeks, they've moved our entire international middle & upper school online. My teens are having class RIGHT NOW with their teachers & all their friends who are now safely home all around the world. It is AMAZING to behold what educators are capable of when given enough room and resources to nurture invention and inspiration...It really is a powerful thing to witness. - Upper School Parent

I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and exemplary leadership during this strange time. Stuart Hall has been such an amazing school for our family and I appreciate it even more, now. The transition has been easy and the 3rd and 5th grade teachers have both done an excellent job at communicating and keeping the kids up-to-date. -Stuart Hall Parent





Middle and Upper School Students interact with teachers and classmates every school day, completing mandatory off-line assignments and optional online learning engagements depending on their access to internet services and time zone adjustments. Above, this spring Gracie '22 got up before dawn in Texas to log into her morning Zoom class. Caxton '21 in Kenya, on the other hand, slept late because his “morning” class started at 3:30 in the afternoon.



Above are pictures of our younger students learning from home. Despite the distance, students interacted with their teachers and classmates every morning, often staying on Zoom meetings after formal class is over to socialize with friends and work on assignments together while the teacher is still online to help. 

Continued Social and Community Support

Stuart Hall is known for its caring and inclusive community. We are striving to maintain as much of this as we can during the pandemic by engaging in ways we often did on campus as well as in new ways we can do only online. For instance, our Community Bulletin, listing birthdays, daily schedules and special announcements, filled the traditional role of Morning Meeting, and the SGA announced a series of specially themed days, including a Crazy Zoom Background, Star Wars, Tie/Bow Tie, and Character Dress Day. 

Our advisory program is an integral part of Stuart Hall's academic, social, and emotional support network. Advisors check in with their students twice a week and host group activities to keep students in touch and engaged with each other. During the spring when our entire student body was attending classes remotely, Wednesdays were reserved for less academic, more social activities, including virtual field trips, honor societies, and clubs. Weekly Zoom meditations kept our community centered and mindful during these stressful times, and online P.E. work-outs encouraged our kids to remain physically active.


Stuart Hall Voices

"Stuart Hall is a really diverse, but inclusive place where you can explore your passions and make friends quickly and easily." 

—Kate '21