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Why Boarding School is an Excellent Option for Your Child

why boarding school
Choosing the right school for your child can feel overwhelming. Would your child prosper in a public education institute? Are there additional benefits to private schooling? And what about boarding school? We’re here to help you narrow down your school search and show you why boarding school is a viable option and how this choice can help prepare your child for college and life beyond. 


Why Boarding School?

So, why do parents send their child to boarding school? Read on to learn about the many benefits boarding school can offer.

Rigorous Curriculum

The first element you’re probably looking at when deciding between schools is the academic curriculum. You’ll likely want a place that will challenge your child in new ways and prepare them for higher education. By sending your child to a boarding school like Stuart Hall, they will walk across the graduation stage well equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in college. Boarding school education goes beyond the classroom to develop well-rounded, independent thinkers who are ready to leave their mark on the world.  In addition, your child won’t have to wait until high school to become a part of this high-level academic community. Stuart Hall offers a middle school program for students looking to get an early start on advanced courses. 

Dedicated Staff

The faculty and staff at boarding schools are unmatched. Your child will work closely with teachers dedicated to their students’ continuous growth and development. Since boarding school programs also tend to be a bit smaller than a public school setting, your child will receive more 1:1 time with their teachers, ensuring that any struggles they may be facing are met with the utmost care and attention. 

Exceptional Extracurriculars

Since boarding school is focused on shaping your child into a well-rounded individual, there is ample opportunity for your child to get involved outside of the classroom. Many boarding schools offer a variety of clubs, organizations, and athletics so your child can pursue their interests. Some programs may even require students to partake in at least one extracurricular activity to encourage personal growth. 

Campus Community

The campus community is a unique element that further explains why boarding school should be at the top of your list. Whether your child is a day student or spends their nights in the dorms, being a part of the campus community is unlike any other. Your child will experience the freedom and flexibility to create their schedule, attend campus events, and gain a sense of independence that will prepare them for college life.  Additionally, some boarding schools may offer older students the option to spend some of their free time in town at local coffee shops, bookstores, and more. This allows students a little bit of freedom while still maintaining a safe environment. 

College Preparation

Another major factor on the list of why boarding school is a great option is the college preparation focus. On top of rigorous academics and outstanding extracurriculars, boarding schools offer college counseling and unique programs to help prepare students for higher education. When your child walks across the stage to accept a high school diploma, you can rest assured that they’re ready to handle the next chapter in life. 

Diverse Study Body

Many boarding schools offer opportunities for students from around the world to join their community. Your child will be able to immerse themselves in a diverse community full of peers eager to learn and grow together. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should students tour the campus beforehand?

Definitely! It can be beneficial to schedule a tour with any boarding schools you’re interested in. You’ll have the chance to learn more about the school from admissions directors and become familiar with the campus. Your child will have the opportunity to decide if they feel comfortable in the environment. 

Is there any financial support offered for boarding school?

Many boarding schools offer financial assistance or payment plans. Be sure to check out each school’s financial options and discuss your situation with the school’s financial officer. 

Will students have free time to explore the community?

Yes! With a boarding school like Stuart Hall, students have the opportunity to go out into the local community during their free time and enjoy a bit of the scenery outside of campus. 

How will I know my student is safe? 

The safety of your child is a top priority at boarding school. Stuart Hall offers an advisory program between students and teachers that help to ensure the wellbeing of your child. These teachers look out for your student during their time at Stuart Hall and are the primary contact for parents regarding any concerns that may arise. 

Be a Part of the Stuart Hall Community

Ready to start your search for the right boarding school? Start with Stuart Hall! Our boarding school in Virginia aims to prepare all students for educational success in college. Our mission is to develop confident and independent individuals ready to tackle all the world has to offer. Our advanced curriculum and variety of extracurricular activities allow students to prosper in a safe and welcoming environment.  Visit us today to learn more about our community here at Stuart Hall!