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The Eastham Center

Eastham Center Thumbnail

We mentioned in recent emails our excitement for the development of Stuart Hall’s Eastham Center, located at 107 West Beverley in downtown Staunton. Last week, faculty and staff had the opportunity to tour the Center and see the amazing transformation of this historic building into a 21st century, state-of-the-art extension of our campuses. This in-person viewing of the space was also another occasion for our faculty to weigh in with their ideas for how the Center can support all of our students, PreK-12. 

Since the building will be under construction until spring, we wanted to give you a sneak peek by sharing a short video of recent renderings of the first and second floors. (Just click on the picture above.) As soon as the Eastham Center is ready for visitors, our community will be the first to know!

Eastham Center Renderings