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Explore High School Student Government

Explore High School Student Government

When classes end for the day, the extracurriculars come out to play! At Stuart Hall, we’re all about student involvement both in and out of the classroom. Our students have the ability to join sports teams, clubs, and organizations all designed to instill leadership and creativity into their daily lives. One way high school students can strengthen their leadership skills is through a role in student government.

Student Government Association at Stuart Hall

Grab the nearest poster board and markers — it’s time to campaign for your high school’s student government! Stuart Hall believes that anyone can become a leader with the right opportunities and encouragement. That’s why we’ve taken the time to create an outstanding high school Student Government Association (SGA). Based on the University of Pennsylvania's Positive Psychology program, Stuart Hall focuses our leadership programs, like SGA, on continuous feedback and growth. Students at Stuart Hall have the opportunity to learn and enhance new skills at any grade level.  Our students bloom alongside the flowers into their new leadership opportunities with springtime  elections. Students spend weeks leading up to elections campaigning around the school, showing fellow students why they would be the best candidate for the position they’re running for.

Why You Should Run for Student Government Association

There’s more to joining SGA than adding another line to your college application. Let’s take a look at the handful of benefits to becoming a part of Stuart Hall’s Student Government Association. 

Increase Your Involvement

Ever wonder who plans your fun-filled school dances? That’s right; it’s your high school student government crew! Join in on the planning and become involved with our SGA. You’ll have the opportunity to attend weekly meetings, help plan and execute activities on campus, and make new friends along the way. 

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Our brilliant students are full of new and exciting ideas to improve our community, and student government is the perfect place to share those with your peers. You’ll have the opportunity to let your voice be heard and be a voice for your classmates. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to create and update a Constitution that outlines the roles and responsibilities of SGA, earning the ability to shape SGA to fit student body needs. Represent your class with a position in our SGA. 

Expand Your Network

Stuart Hall prides itself on fostering lifelong connections between students of all ages through extracurriculars, and our high school’s student government is no exception. As a member of this organization, you’ll have the chance to work with students from every grade and establish professional relationships with your advisors as well. You never know — the person sitting next to you during the first meeting may become one of your best friends.  


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the student government leadership positions?

The great part about Student Government Association is the plethora of leadership opportunities! The primary leadership positions for SGA are President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Each grade also has the chance to elect officials that will represent their class for the year. 

Why should I run for a student government position?

There’s more to high school student governments than gaining leadership skills. Holding a position within this organization can foster new skills and strengthen current skills, expand your network of fellow students, and give you a platform to share your ideas for improving the high school experience. 

What is the weekly time commitment for student government?

We understand that your schedule is jam-packed with classes, homework, and other extracurriculars. Joining the Student Government Association commonly requires no more than 5 hours a week, though it may vary depending on events and activities. Talk with the SGA advisor to decide if running for a position is the right decision for you.