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Boarding School Scholarships to Apply For in 2022

boarding school scholarships

Choosing to attend boarding school is an immensely rewarding decision for students and families alike, but it can also come with a fair share of expenses. If you have your heart set on boarding school but are unsure how to afford this new endeavor, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of boarding school scholarships to help you navigate the costs. 

What are Boarding School Scholarships?

Attending boarding school can be a worthwhile but expensive experience. Boarding school scholarships make it more affordable. Often, a boarding school scholarship program is offered directly by the school itself to provide families with financial assistance to send their child to the school. However, there may be external programs that offer scholarships you can apply toward your boarding school experience. 

When applying for one of these scholarships, you may notice that there are varying levels or types of programs you can choose from. We’ll highlight the difference between these boarding school scholarship types in the next section. 

Types of Boarding School Scholarships

There are two primary types of scholarships you may encounter — merit and need-based. We’ve broken down each one to give you a better idea of what to look for when applying. 

Merit Scholarship

While some scholarships may be based on test scores and academic achievement, there are other ways to leverage your passions to receive the funding you need. Merit-based scholarships are often used by schools to help round out their student body’s talents and interests. These may include scholarships for those with a passion for dance, music, or robotics, to name a few. 

Some boarding schools may offer these merit scholarships to encourage students to participate in their extracurricular activities. If you have a passion that you’re interested in pursuing during your boarding school experience, it may be worthwhile to find a merit scholarship. 

Need-Based Scholarships

There are two main types of need-based scholarships. Both are based on family income and expenses. To be fair to families who have skimped and saved, many schools will take lifestyle choices relative to other families in their areas into account. The first category is Financial Aid. Families are “awarded” a dollar amount that the school applies toward their tuition bill. The second is Indexed Tuition. This is an approach that individualizes each student’s tuition based on family resources. Stuart Hall is an example of a school that feels Indexed Tuition is better for their families. 

Boarding School Scholarships To Apply For

There are plenty of boarding schools that offer internal scholarships to help you afford their costs. Check out just a few of the following boarding school scholarships to help you get started in your academic journey.

Stuart Hall Mission Scholars Program

Domestic and international students entering grades 9 and 10 should consider Stuart Hall’s Mission Scholars program. This funding option is a merit scholarship program established to attract students who demonstrate the qualities of curiosity, creativity, or contribution as defined by Stuart Hall’s mission. They must be willing to commit to sharing those qualities with the school community.

Interested students will need to complete both an admissions and scholarship application to be eligible. The scholarship application will highlight your activities connected to the three qualities Stuart Hall seeks in students. You’ll have the opportunity to explain how you’ll share these qualities with the community and demonstrate your current academic, visual and performing arts, athletics, service, and leadership experiences. 

There’s no need to worry about how long this scholarship will last either! Scholarship awards are renewed every year for the remainder of a recipient’s time in the Upper School, assuming they maintain good grades and continue to contribute to school life in mission-aligned ways. 

Make sure you turn your application and essay in by August 1, 2022, to be considered for this scholarship! Applicants are taken as funds allow, so apply for admission and the scholarship as soon as possible.  

Making Boarding School Affordable

While these are just a few of the boarding school scholarships available, they’re a great start to affording your next educational adventure! Don’t be afraid to reach out to school counselors and ask about financial aid and other methods of affording education. Many boarding schools, such as Stuart Hall, provide opportunities for financial support.

At Stuart Hall, we’re all about making tuition affordable. That’s why we offer an indexed tuition approach. Our program allows families to pay what they can toward their student’s tuition. We’ll take into account your family’s economic circumstances and develop a plan that works for you. You’ll simply need to fill out a financial application and wait for evaluation. 

If boarding school is the best route for you, there are more than a few ways you can make this dream a reality. Learn more about Stuart Hall and how to afford our education today!