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The Dragons and Dragonflies Fall Festival

Last Monday, our very own co-curricular Dragons and Dragonflies planned and executed a Fall Festival for Anna's House students.

To give back to the community, Dragons and Dragonflies is a program that seeks to build positive peer relationships, provide small-group academic support, and most importantly, have fun! The group consists of members of the 6th grade (Dragons) who have a heart for service and mentorship in the local community. The group regularly travels to Anna's House twice a week to assist the students (Dragonflies) with homework and after-school activities.

As a culmination of their work, the Dragons decided to have this festival to provide something fun and interactive for their Dragonflies. The activities they planned were varied but based on the overall needs and abilities of the students. These games ranged from sack races to ring toss and everything in between!

This is a picture of Maria Nava, one of our math teachers, teaching.

What does it take to learn? Does it require concise and organized note-taking? A long and uninterruptible attention span? Or a sharp and precise memory? 

In this article, we take a deep dive into our math teacher Ms. Maria Nava's classroom to answer this exact question. While all of the above reasons may be true, we have come to understand learning as a personal exchange that focuses on individual attention and personal growth. 


Conversation With Cate Dussek

Earlier this fall, we had the chance to speak with our very own Cate Dussek about her unique connection with Stuart Hall. This next installment of our Alumnae/i Conversations series explores Cate's story at STU, covering the time of her enrollment in 1994 through the present day. Cate's relationship with our school is certainly a special one, and we are both proud and honored to share it.  


The Intangibles at Stuart Hall

In November of 2021, U.S. News released an article centered around the question of "Why Kids Go to Boarding School." While most (if not all) of their points are true, we still didn't quite feel as though they told the entire story.

So then, why exactly do kids choose to go to Stuart Hall? On top of the ability for an incredible education, we aim to provide our students with opportunities for personal responsibility, empowerment, and community in their day-to-day lives.

Read the article below, "The Intangibles of Stuart Hall," to discover exactly why these elements are so important in making our school what it is: 


Collaboration at STU

What does it mean to be a good collaborator? For some, it may imply teamwork on a project or goal. For others, it may refer to cooperation on a problem or issue. One of our six Grad Goals, collaboration at STU means respect, kindness, care, and responsibility in school and everyday life. Read the article below to discover exactly where collaboration can be found in our school: