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Episcopal Identity

One of the oldest independent schools in Virginia, Stuart Hall School has been associated with the Episcopal Church since its founding in 1844. This connection is reflected in a motto long associated with Stuart Hall — Omnia cum deo, or “All things with God” — and in how we see and engage with the world.

Our Episcopal identity comes to life most fully through our belief that all people are called to love one another. As Presiding Bishop Michael Curry reminds us, each of us is made in the image of God, with infinite value and worth. 

An Inclusive Episcopal School

One need not be an Episcopalian or a Christian to be valued at Stuart Hall. Here, you are seen and appreciated for who you are. 

Students, families, faculty and staff of all religious or non-religious perspectives are welcome here, and we encourage the expression of these beliefs as we foster a culturally and ethnically diverse campus.

To educate the whole person — mind, body, heart and spirit — our school’s integrated curriculum includes social, cultural and service activities; the experience of community life; and opportunities for spiritual awareness and exploration.

These opportunities include inclusive chapel services where students reflect on questions of meaning and purpose. Spoiler alert: We don't tell students what to believe. Our goal is not to indoctrinate but to teach young people to think for themselves and develop their own moral compass. 

Stuart Hall School is a member of the Church Schools in the Diocese of Virginia and the National Association of Episcopal Schools.