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Boys' Varsity Basketball


Take a look at our Boys' Varsity Basketball Schedule!(2023-2024 Schedule Coming Soon)

Meet the team:

#22 Eli Brammer 5'7" 8th grade G/F Staunton, VA

#32 Efe Emrullah 6'6" 12th grade F/C Instanbul, Turkey

#10 Mahod Hoq 5'7" 8th grade G Staunton, VA

#14 Tafari Plummer 6'2" 11th grade Queens, NY

#23 Aiden Cole 5'8" 8th grade G Staunton, VA

#12 Colton Garris 6'1" 11th grade G/F Staunton, VA

#40 Richard Monk 6'2" 8th grade F/C Churchville, VA

#3 Isaiah Thorpe 5'6" 10th grade Durham, NC

#11 Chris Deng 5'9" 12th grade G Shenzhen ,China

#24 Jackson Hines 6'3" 11th grade G/F Staunton, VA

#30 David Nyirinkwaya 6'3" 12th grade Kigali, Rwanda

Meet our Coach:

Who's leading the team?


The son of a high school basketball coach, Coach Lafave grew up around athletics. Following a college playing career at Southern Connecticut State University, he moved into coaching, where he has amassed twenty-six years of experience across several high school and college teams. At the college level, he has been an assistant coach and director of men’s basketball operations at the University of North Carolina at Asheville and the College of the Holy Cross. Closer to home, he was the head coach of Washington & Lee University’s men’s team from 1999-2003. Coach Lafave also has extensive coaching experience at the high school level. He joins us from Davidson Day School in Davidson, NC, where he led the girl's varsity team to a state championship and coached four players who went on to play in college, including Maya Caldwell of the WNBA’s Indiana Fever.

Latest News!


Per the latest poll, Stuart Hall Boys' Basketball ranks 11th in their division!