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Athletics at Stuart Hall

Our athletics program for 8th-12th grades offers both interscholastic and intramural opportunities that allow students to compete at a level that’s comfortable for them. Students in grades 6-7 have a variety of shorter term after-school clubs and activities that change throughout the year, and may involve working with older students as leaders or collaborators. In keeping with our Well-Being Grad Goal, both interscholastic and intramural sports focus on fitness, skills mastery, and communicating and collaborating as a team. Both types require a commitment of time, effort, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Interscholastic Sports are a larger commitment, at five to six days a week of practice/competition. Intramurals can be a one, two, or three day commitment, but all are well-organized, challenging, and designed to be fun while pushing students to grow physically, socially, functionally, and emotionally. 

In further keeping with our Well-Being Grad Goal, 8th-12th grade students are required to have at least one season each year of a physically demanding activity, whether it be a once a week commitment or an interscholastic sport. Some non-sport activities with a physical component may fulfill this requirement.

Interscholastic Sports--What do we offer?


The son of a high school basketball coach, Coach Lafave grew up around athletics. Following a college playing career at Southern Connecticut State University, he moved into coaching, where he has amassed twenty-six years of experience across several high school and college teams. At the college level, he has been an assistant coach and director of men’s basketball operations at the University of North Carolina at Asheville and the College of the Holy Cross. Closer to home, he was the head coach of Washington & Lee University’s men’s team from 1999-2003. Coach Lafave also has extensive coaching experience at the high school level. He joins us from Davidson Day School in Davidson, NC, where he led the girls varsity team to a state championship and coached four players who went on to play in college, including Maya Caldwell of the WNBA’s Indiana Fever.

At Stuart Hall, Coach Lafave is building back our athletic program after a year of no sports due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He plans to the build the program based on student interest and ability, and is excited to hire the right people to coach our student athletes and help them nurture and inspire greatness on and off the field of play.

“The thing that athletics brings for a student athlete is the experience of competition. Athletic participation teaches young people to compete for the things they want in life, whether it’s in academics or any other area of their lives.” - Jeff Lafave, Athletic Director

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