Stuart Hall School

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Visual Arts

Painting of campus by Stuart Hall student.

Painting of Stuart Hall campus by Amelia M. '22

Art is a powerful adjunct to academics. Not only does it give outlet to creative energies, but it helps foster creativity in and out of the classroom. At Stuart Hall, we are lucky to be surrounded by a vibrant artistic culture in Staunton and the surrounding area. Many local artists are inspired by the overwhelming natural beauty and the quaint charm of downtown, but we also have an avant-garde population of artists who push the bounds of traditional art. Like the Stuart Hall student, these artists take risks to express concepts and ideas unique to their own vision. 

Because we recognize the significance of art history and the need to develop an appreciation for the work of artists from the past and present, Stuart Hall students take advantage of these opportunities to learn from collections in local galleries. Students are encouraged to improve their visual awareness by learning to look at and record what is experienced. We cooperate with local artists and display student art in local shows. Our vision of art in school is structured around the national Standards in the Visual Arts curriculum and the 21 Century competencies.

Stuart Hall graduates in recent years have matriculated at the Rhode Island School of Design, Savannah College of Art and Design, and Parsons School of Design.