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Silver Line Exchange

Taking Arts Performance to the Next Level with Silver Line Theater Exchange Silver Line Theater Exchange is now open to Stuart Hall School students. Silver Line’s collaborative style provides students with the opportunity to practice, develop and enhance the skills of all roles involved in a full production. Each student receives a well-rounded understanding of the performing arts through a curriculum that encourages curiosity, critical thinking, self-awareness, empathy, teamwork and self-confidence. This challenging curriculum enhances the college-readiness of any student looking to pursue a career in theater.

Small Town, Big Arts

Silver Line is a local theater conservatory whose staff features professional performers from a diverse set of stage disciplines, including improv, production, stage combat, contemporary acting, Shakespearean acting and fencing.

Two Conservatories; One School

The Silver Line Theater Exchange program joins Crescendo as leading local performing arts partnership programs at Stuart Hall School for students interested in The Arts, either as a part of their academics or through afternoon co-curricular activities. Through The Heifetz International Music Institute, Crescendo offers daily musical instruction, private lessons, chamber music study, studio classes and multimedia training for students interested in music.

Learn more about Crescendo here.