Stuart Hall Alumni Council 

We are looking for a few good Alum Council (or committee) members! All who have attended Stuart Hall for one year are members of the Alumni Association, and are welcome to attend Alum Council meetings. Members of the Alumni Association are also eligible to serve on Alum Council committees. If you are interested in participating on a committee or in taking an active part on the Alum Council as a voting member - or know someone who would be a good candidate - please contact Cristina Casado '93, Membership Chair, at Nominees will be voted on in February.

The purpose of the Alum Association and Council is threefold:

  1. To support the welfare and the mission of Stuart Hall School.
  2. To encourage a relationship between the School and its former students.
  3. To enable former students to establish and maintain contact with one another.

The 2017-18 Alum Council

President: Cristina Casado '93, Staunton, VA

President-Elect: Priscilla "PJ" Pineiro Jenkins '94, Staunton, VA

Secretary: Dylan Kramer '12, Washington, D.C.


Cristina Casado '93, Staunton, VA
Krystal (Kay) Deitz '01, Staunton, VA
David Boatright '07, Charlottesville, VA
Libbey Buckley '93, Staunton, VA
Grier Cross '10, Charlotte, N.C. 
Alicia Harman de Sandoval '98, Staunton, VA
Jackie Duke '87, Harrisonburg, VA
Marney Gibbs '53, Staunton, VA
Betsy Butzner Greene '66, Charlottesville, VA
Priscilla “P.J.” Pineiro Jenkins ’94, Staunton, VA
Dylan Kramer ’12, Arlington, VA
Casey Wilkinson Ochs '89, Staunton, VA
Dr. Nancy Poe '78, Staunton, VA
Betsy Pritchard '86, Berryville, VA
Heather Douglas Rook '96, Raleigh, N.C.
Jody Smith Strickler '66, Richmond, VA
Debbie Lotz Walker '66, Kernersville, N.C.
Sally Opie Watson '48, Charlottesville, VA
Anne Bareford Woodard '71, Deltaville, VA

Emeritus Members

Elizabeth White Baker ’88 (2006-2008), Winston-Salem, NC
Susan Ellett Beaver ’58 (1973-74), Hilton Head Island, SC
Peggy Runnels Bowditch ’59 (1968-71), Gloucester, VA
Barry Thrift Brown ’64 (1974-75), Lexington, VA
Adalyn Brugger '80 (2009-2011), Mechanicsville, VA
Glennie Smith Forbes ’60 (2002-2004), Haymarket, VA
Cate Dell Garris '94 (2016-2018), Waynesboro, VA
Dana Parks Gray '65 (2014-2016), Richmond, VA
Elizabeth Hamblet '97 (2006-2006 ), Morgantown, WV
Sally Balch Hurme '64 (2011-2013), Bridgewater, VA
Linda Roller Livick '53 (1971-1973), Fort Defiance, VA
Elaine Elder McCarrick ’61 (1994-1996), Staunton, VA
Dottie Duval Nelson '65 (2014-16), New Orleans, LA
Bonnie Fontenot Nielson '64, Staunton, VA
Mary Beirne Kerr Nutt '57 (1988-1990), Staunton, VA
Ruth Smith Pritchard ’62 (1992-1994), Berryville, VA
Katie Campbell Spurlock ‘87 (2004-2006), Staunton, VA
Page Hynes Sullenberger ’63 (1979-1984), Orange, VA





Stuart Hall Voices

"Stuart Hall is a really diverse, but inclusive place where you can explore your passions and make friends quickly and easily." 

—Kate '21