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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees for 2024-25

Day student tuition and fees for the 2024-25 school year are as follows:

 Grade  Full Tuition  Program Fee  TRP Fee*
 6-8  $17,750  $450  $337.25
 9-12  $20,675  $450  $392.83

*Tuition Refund Plan Insurance is required unless on a one-installment payment plan. The amount due is 1.9% of a family's net tuition. Find more details about tuition insurance coverage here.

Boarding student tuition and fees for the 2024-25 school year for grades 8–12 are as follows:

 Boarding Type  Full Tuition  Program Fee  TRP Fee*  Health Insurance
International  $66,000  $850  $1,254.00  $2,200
7-Day Domestic  $61,150  $850  $1,161.85  not required**
5-Day Domestic  $48,500  $850  $921.50  not required**

** All boarding students must have health insurance that is valid in the United States. If a domestic boarding student is not insured through a family's insurance plan, coverage through the school's plan is required.

What is covered by tuition and fees?

For all students: Academic coursework (including some textbooks), co-curricular and athletic fees, college counseling in grades 9–12, PSAT testing fees, wellness support services, supplies, school field trips, lunch, most weekend and evening activities

Additional inclusions for all boarding students: Lodging in a shared dormitory room with shared bathroom, 3 meals/day in school dining facilities, accident insurance, transportation to and from Dulles International Airport for school breaks if needed, I-20 management (for international students)

Learning Support Services FEES

Enhanced Support:
$6,000 for day students
$8,000 for boarding students (includes evening study hall assistance)

See more information about our Learning Support program here.


$5,000 for first year; no cost if needed for additional year(s)
ESL requirement is based on TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo scores.

  • Students whose first language is not English are required to take a language proficiency test.
  • Students who do not submit test scores with the enrollment application will be automatically enrolled in ESL. These students will take a placement test upon arrival to campus, and a refund for ESL services will be provided if ESL is not needed based on the placement test results.

Admission Team

Tanya Farrell
Dean of Enrollment Management

Nick Ellis
Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management

Katherine Meier
Enrollment and Advancement Operations