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Upper School

Grades 9 -12: Beyond mere preparation

Tired of devoting all your energies to test scores and GPA, at the expense of deeper learning? Do you daydream about doing something “real” and lasting with all the cool stuff you learn, instead of just moving on when the test is over? Would your education be more meaningful if you were a partner in planning it?

If you answered “Yes” to these questions, Mastery Learning at Stuart Hall could be the experience that frees you from the restrictions of industrial-age educational traditions to unleash the creativity and passion trapped inside.

Mastery learning empowers you with the skills to flourish personally, academically and professionally as an adult in the 21st century. You, your teachers, and your advisor are a team that uses continuous feedback and progressive achievement until successful mastery is achieved. The pace, pathway, and assessment of your learning is adapted to your individual strengths, bolstering competence and self-confidence as you tackle solutions to real-world challenges. 

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The Program

Stuart Hall’s 180-year history of preparing young people for the academic rigors of college continues strong. Our graduates repeatedly tell us how easily they handle the academics, independence, and responsibilities of college life. A wide range of AP offerings challenge our students to earn college credits, while our newly augmented Learning Support Services help students realize their full academic potential.

Excellent college prep goes beyond core subjects, of course, and guides us in our approach to Art, Music, and World Language. 

Art and Music

Cherished features of Stuart Hall, art and music maintain their role in the academic day with a wide range of studio art and music classes. Stuart Hall’s portfolio-building art program has sent recent graduates to RISD, SCAD, and Pratt Institute. Our music program emphasizes performance in diverse ensembles while staying true to the analytical, theoretical, and technical aspects of both instruments and voice. Through performance, we strive to grow our students’ self-esteem and confidence, social and collaborative skills, and perseverance. Our afternoon theatre program takes advantage of the many collaborative opportunities our theatre-loving community has to offer.

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Our school's athletics program plays a significant role in our after-school routine, which offers a wide variety of interscholastic and intramural sports throughout the year. Basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, cross-country, and other sports are available, each requiring a strong dedication to time, effort, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Interscholastic sports demand a greater commitment, with five to six days a week of practice and competition. Intramurals, on the other hand, may only require a one-, two-, or three-day commitment, but they are all expertly organized, challenging, and designed to promote physical, social, functional, and emotional growth in students while also being fun.
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