Upper School


Tired of devoting all your energies to test scores and GPA at the expense of deeper learning? Do you daydream about doing something “real” and lasting with all the cool stuff you learn instead of just moving on when the test is over? Would your education be more meaningful if you were a partner in planning it?

If you answered “Yes” to these questions, Mastery Learning at Stuart Hall could be the experience that frees you from the restrictions of industrial-age educational traditions to unleash the creativity and passion trapped inside.

Mastery learning empowers you with the skills to flourish personally, academically and professionally as adults in the 21st century. Students, teachers and advisors are a team using continuous learning, feedback, and progressive achievement until successful mastery is achieved. The pace, pathway, and assessment of your learning is adapted to individual strengths, bolstering competence and self-confidence as students tackle solutions to real-world challenges. 

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Boys collaborating in library

More Than Mere Preparation.....


In the classroom, we are not simply memorizing facts to pass the next test. Instead, we are encouraged to really learn. - Noli H. '25

The Stuart Hall Upper School program fosters academic excellence while challenging young adults to hone their critical-thinking skills and personal initiative in preparation for college and life beyond. Our graduates are confident, articulate, well-rounded, globally-engaged, and equipped to make ethical, community-minded decisions.