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Middle Years

Grades 6-8: Beyond Core Content

The Middle Years are a time of transition, when children become young adults physically, emotionally, and mentally. Stuart Hall's Middle Years program provides a vibrant context for academic learning while nurturing emotional, physical, and social growth. The program fosters a sense of belonging and guides students to take increasing responsibility for their learning.

Grade 6, Transition to Middle Years
Stuart Hall 6th graders continue to have one classroom and teacher for the core subjects - a learning experience shown to be the most beneficial for this age group. Additionally, art, music, PE, and Spanish are each offered two to three times a week to challenge our students to stretch their creative and physical muscles, while providing low-stress practice at transitioning to other teachers and classrooms during the school day. 

Grade 7, Supported Independence
Students start to move from classroom to classroom, experiencing multiple teachers for core subjects. Our Advisory program gives students a safe foundation from which to explore this new independence, and gives both students and parents a point-of-contact. Advisors know students as multi-dimensional individuals, guiding and supporting them with understanding and love. Spanish, art, music and P.E. continue to provide opportunities for physical and mental growth, and artistic expression. With Upper School approaching, our learning specialist helps students begin to integrate college-prep learning skills into their daily classes and course work.

Grade 8, Preparation for Upper School 
Students continue building on the firm foundations established in 7th grade, honing the study skills they will need for success in the 9-12th grades. 8th graders start participating in several hallmarks of the Upper School experience, including the college counseling process (a low-stress self-exploration of interests and strengths), Study Hall, and participation with Upper School students in co-curriculars at the close of the academic day.