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College Counseling

In accordance with Stuart Hall’s mission to prepare students for success in college, and for lives of curiosity, creativity, and contribution, the College Counseling program is designed to help students identify and prepare for their next steps after Stuart Hall. View our School Profile here

The College Counseling program aims to guide students and their families through the process so that by the time students are making decisions about where to apply, they feel confident and prepared for every step.  Beginning in the 8th grade with an exploration of interests, strengths, and career awareness, students are gradually introduced to elements of the college process that also make the most of their Stuart Hall experience. These include engagement with co-curricular, service, and leadership opportunities and a course selection process that allows students to pursue their interests and take on challenges. As students enter the 11th and 12th grades with fuller awareness of what interests and drives them, the College Counseling program begins to focus on helping students identify the specific paths that will help them achieve their goals.

Our college counselor helps students craft applications that demonstrate their individual, personalities, strengths, and interests beyond grades and test scores. She gets to know every student personally, meeting with them frequently and conferring regularly with their teachers and families to build an application strategy for each student.


Technology is an integral part of our college counseling program. We use a college counseling database system called Scoir to help students and parents navigate the college selection and application process.

Scoir allows students and families to:

  • Get involved in the planning and advising process: build a resume and complete online surveys to see how students' unique talents translate to majors and careers.
  • Search for colleges together: based on students' personal and academic interests, build college lists, and explore campus communities to understand what type of environment fits best. Parents can share suggestions with students to review.
  • Understand admissions costs: Use online tools to see average costs, based on family contribution.
  • Decide which colleges to apply to and keep all application documents in one place.
  • View and register for college visits on campus.

Where STU Graduates Go:

A sampling of where our most recent graduates are continuing their academic careers: