College Counseling

Our College Counseling program focuses on personal attention throughout the college process to help students and parents navigate what can often seem an overwhelming process. We get to know every student personally, meeting with them frequently and conferring regularly with their teachers and parents. Additionally, we encourage students to engage in a process of self-discovery through self-inventory exercises, reflection, and introspection. Together, we build a customized application strategy for each student that takes into account their personality, passions, interests, and academic performance.


Technology is an integral part of our college counseling program. We use a college counseling database system called SCOIR to help students and parents navigate the college selection and application process.

SCOIR allows students and families to:

  • Get involved in the planning and advising process: build a resume, complete online surveys to see how students' unique talents translate to majors and careers.
  • Search for colleges together: based on students' personal and academic interests, build college lists, and explore campus communities to understand what type of environment fits best. Parents can share suggestions with students to review.
  • Understand admissions costs: use online tools to see what the cost of different schools will be based on what your family can contribute to the cost of education.
  • Decide which colleges to apply to and keep all application documents in one place

The counseling office uses SCOIR to communicate with students during their college planning process and to electronically track and deliver their application materials to colleges during their senior year.


Stuart Hall ushers students through a system of exposure to colleges, admissions officers, testing resources, and more. A typical experience with our College Counseling program includes the following:
  • 9th-12th grade college fairs introduce students to various schools that may interest them, nationwide. Students are exposed to anywhere from 80-100 of the nation's best colleges and universities, and begin to explore options for the future.
  • Day college trips provide opportunities for our students to visit a combination of schools - public and private; small, medium, and large. We want to give our students the experience of what an official college visit will be like and what they should be looking for and doing when they are on their own visiting other colleges and universities.
  • Admissions visits to Stuart Hall's campus provide opportunities for our students to meet with an average of 35 admission officers from colleges in and near Virginia. Students can introduce themselves to the admission staff and get to know schools on a more personal level.
  • The College Admission Panel provides parents and students exposure to regional admission professionals to engage in Q&A, gather information about the upcoming process and engage in discussions regarding hot topics such as early admission, transferring AP credits, building a college list and more.

Where STU Graduates Go:

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